Rights and Safety for Refugees

In Memory of Khaled

Solidarity without limits – action day against Fortress Europe!

Demonstration 6 February 2016 Dresden Main Station 12pm

On the 6th of February plenty of right-wing populists, neofascist movements and parties will come together in different places around Europe to take to the streets for their reactionary idea of superior “people” and “nations”. On the one hand we don’t want to accept this and therefore we call you to counter them firmly together taking a stand for political solidarity! On the other hand we want to proclaim this day Europe-wide as a day of action against Fortress Europe!

The conditions in many places all over the world become more unstable with capitalism widening the gap between the poor and the rich. The neo-liberal structural changes of the 70’s and 80’s forced many areas of the global south into deep poverty and debts. After the period of colonialism those changes had once again created dependency from the “western world”. These politics bring exploitation and poverty as well as destruction of the basis of existence. Today neo-colonianism shows itself in it’s diverse forms: land grabbing, siezure of natural resources and raw materials, weaponry exports and free trade agreements, wars under the cover of “interventions to protect the human rights”, support of dictators and authoritarian regimes. One of the consequences is the death of many people not just at the European borders, but also in their home countries. The European Union is one of the major players in this game. The official politics of solving the crisis of capitalism (like austerity measures) catalyzed authoritarian and racist reactions all over the world. The fear of people losing their wealth is transformed into pure hatred against “the others I have to share with” and leads to the construction of conservative entities like nations, races and traditional gender roles.

We also see the increasing militarization on the external borders of Europe. Humans get selected according to their nationality; deportation centers get extended and new ones are to be build. To improve such inhumane systems the EU cooperates with states like Turkey, that wages war against the Kurds in their own country and supports the “Islamic State” (Daesh).

Racist movements and parties like PEGIDA, UKIP (UK Independence Party), BPI (Block Against Islam), Golden Dawn, Front National and many others, the European immigration policies and Frontex are actors in the same play. If we really want the misery of the migrants run to end, then political pressure in the streets is necessary everywhere, so the borders open for all and safe routes for migration with dignity become possible. That means organization of protests, direct actions, civil disobedience and the establishment of spaces of solidarity.

We want to use the chance to put this subject on the agenda on the 6th of February. If the right-wing populist and reactionary movement tries to bring their politics in the streets, we will counter them. We have to point out the connection between restrictive and authoritarian European migration, austerity policies and the everyday street racism and how these are linked to capitalism and patriarchy. All of these are global mechanisms of domination and oppression that attack all of us. Therefore we have to act together.

It is necessary to organize globally to attack the european politics in order to destroy the standing ground of the right-wing. Instead of believing in national states that are capable of acting, we have to declare the solidarity across the borders, learn from each other and fight for common autonomous and open spaces. The creation of resistant, self-determined networks provides perspective for freedom for all.

We will fight for free life in social equality, beyond nations, capital and patriarchy. Together we take to the streets! We call for civil disobedience and direct actions for freedom of movement and equal rights for all. It has to be fought in a political way! We don’t want to be governed. We stand up and fight against racist and authoritarian crisis reactions of the European politics and right-wing populistic movements!

Organize political solidarity!

Fight Fortress Europe!

Presentation on political situation in Eritrea.

Saturday, 23. Januar 2016, 5pm, kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Str. 13

During this evening we will make a short journey in history and will try to look at how the eritrean regime came to power. Going further to nowadays we will try show how the government is dictating people’s lifes today and interfeiring in all parts of the society. There are also reasons why people didn’t raise in the country against the regime.On top of that we will tell you how hard it was to leave Eritrea, give you a short glimse whye people leave and of course we will share a bit of our impressions on how is the life for refugee from Eritrea in Germany.

Last two days of trial

The last two days of the trial will take place on 26 and 28 of October. At the 26 the final speeches will be held and on the 28 of October the judgement will be spoken.
At the moment there are reports of the fourth and fivth day is missing. We will try to finish those as soon as possible.
Also for now we just described what happened during the trial. For a political perspektive towards the whole case it is not adequate. We will write an evaluation towards the trial.

Trial will start 31 August 2015

Khaled Idriss Bahray was murdered on 13 January 2015. Until now it is not clear what happened in the night of his dead. Since already 7 month one of Khaled’s former flatmate is in investigativ custody. He is accused of murdering Khaled. On Monday the 31st August the trial will start at Landgericht Dresden. For now 6 days are planed for the trial.

We will follow the trial and try to document it here at the website

Removing residential obligation entries in papers

With the new law since January 1st 2015 the residential obligation expires after the first 3 months of residence in Germany for persons in asylum procedure or with a status of temporary stay. Experiences with the Ausländerbehörden in Saxony during the last months showed, that the Ausländerbehörden did not want to delete the record of residential obligation after the expiry of the 3-months-period. Especially asylum seekers with a so called „Bescheinigung über die Meldung als Asylsuchender“ (BüMA) (confirmation about the registration as asylum seeker – just a simple A4-paper, usually with the headline „Bescheinigung“ and a printed photo) were affected.

After a lot of complaints against Ausländerbehörden and after discussions in the Committee on Internal Affairs of the Saxon Parliament now all Ausländerbehörden should delete the record of residential obligation. Everybody who has a BüMA, which was issued more than three months ago should now get the record deleted at the Ausländerbehörde successfully! Without the record in your BüMA you avoid charges for violation of geographical restriction by the police in case of racist police controls. Are there still any problems please let us know: troublereport@riseup.net

Demonstration for better life together and against racism in Saxony

On Monday 1 March around 300 PEGIDA supporters in Dresden tried to attack the refugee camp at Theaterplatz. It is getting clearer that supporters of PEGIDA are not just concerned citizens but militant racists who are ready to take actions against “others”, especially migrants.

On Friday 6 March around 1500 racists and neonazis participated in FRIGIDA demonstration in Freital. They were protesting against openning of the new refugee house. Several hundred people were trying to break the police lines and attack the house. After failure they were threatening to come back and burn down the whole house with people inside.

With this racist atmoshpere coming from the conservative right the Bild newspaper started campaign to pressure the organizers of refugee struggle in Dresden. Publishing information of individuals who participated in the protest camp at Theaterplatz already provoked death threats on social networks to those people.

We find it unacceptable that people raising their voice against racism and discrimination in society are threatened with violence. We believe that PEGIDA should be stopped right here right now without any compromises.

That’s why we will have a demonstration this Monday from Bahnhof Mitte at 17:00 to Theaterplatz.
We are calling everyone who doesn’t want to tolerate racism and right wing agression in the society to join us on the streets.

In solidarity we are strong.
In solidarity we can stop racism!


Refugee Struggle in Dresden

For several days already several groups of refugees together started an active struggle against racist policies of Germany towards the asylum seekers. Activists from Asylum Seekers Movement, Remembering Khaled initiative and many citizens are supporting the struggle for equal rights for refugees.

You can find updates at the facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/AsylumSeekersMovement
Twitter: @asylumMovement #feb28dd
Or on the https://refugeestruggledresden.wordpress.com/ website

Demonstration 28 February Dresden Theaterplatz 2pm

1162729891.thumbnail“SOLIDARITY WITH THE REFUGEES –

You find the call for the demonstration on saturday 28 February in different languages at our website.

Also more information from the supporters at http://feb28.net/

Monday 16/02 17:00 Demonstration for a humane asylum politics and the rights of the refugees

Even if the recent happenings about the splitting of pegida all around the last weeks would make some people happy, nothing have changed: neither have the deep minded racism disappeared in Saxony nor did the circumstances of refugees living here improve at all.

After all recent events, after the continuing attacks on supposed migrants and asylum seekers, we do not want to refrain from loud protest nor do we want our demands to be absorbed into purely symbolic protest. Huge, mounted free concerts and sweeping actions might be worth visiting for the majority of citizens, but in fact there has been no real help for one of the asylum seekers and also racist thoughts were not swiped away, not even criticized enough. Because of that we decided together with people affected by racist conditions to go out on the streets to have an alternative for all these people. An alternative for those who don’t think symbolic protest is enough, who don’t think the image of Dresden is more important then a decent living of refugees and for those who want to criticize permanent racism.

The last weeks were hard and exhausting, many asked themselves, how to stop PEGIDA. Many things happened, more or less successful.

We came to the conclusion, that NoPEGIDA-Movement only by itself will not change the circumstances in any way, neither the racist circumstances nor the circumstances directly affecting the daily life of the refugees.

Real improvements can only be made together with the people affected by racism and the saxonian asylum politics, they have to happen on the one hand directly in the shelters and on the other hand on the streets in direct actions for the rights and demands of refugees. Integration does not mean adjustment of “our culture”, but rather the process to build up same rights and livable homes for all.

Therefore, we ask you to join us at our demonstration in Dresden next Monday 16th February at 17:00 on Hauptstraße next to Golden Rider  for a common demonstration of asylum seekers, antiracist and antifacist activists, for a humane asylum politics and the rights of the refugees.

At the demonstration take into account the participation of people with different residence statuses.

Show Solidarity with all people affected by racism
Come to Dresden!
No one is illegal!

Initiative “Remembering Khaled”

Statement of Khaled Idriss Bahray’s Family and Friends

We, family and friends of Khaled Idriss Bahray, are in deep grief after the loss of Khaled. His death is still incomprehensible for us.

Khaled survived a hard journey through the desert and a very dangerous passage over the sea to get to Europe. He was seeking for peace and safety. Instead of that, he was faced with plain hatred and at the end with his own death. We condemn and reject the use of Khaled’s death for political purposes. Khaled, as well as his flatmates and friends, experienced first-hand what racism really means.

Until the opposite has been legally proven, the presumption of innocence applies for every suspect. We don’t want to base our statement exclusively on press articles. After consulting with our lawyer we decided to wait for the inspection of the records as well as for the autopsy report. After that a public statement will be given.

We want to thank everybody for the great sympathy and support given in Berlin.

Khaled’s family and friends.
Berlin, 24th of January 2015

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